How To Evict A Tenant In Florida with No Lease

Whilst unpleasant, eviction is an inevitable and necessary part of being a landlord, although it’s nice to have a good relationship with tenants, your first loyalty must be to your property and business as a whole. Whatever your reasons for eviction, whether it be abusive tenants, non-payment of rent, illegal activity or simply for no better reason than the fact you want them out, there are a few fundamental rules that all landlords in Florida must follow.

3 Day notice to evict / 3 Day notice to vacate Florida

One of the main reasons for evicting a tenant is for non-payment of rent and that is precisely what the 3 day eviction notice (3 day notice to vacate) applies to. To serve the notice simply hand the document to the tenants or affix the notice to the front door of the property, from that point onwards they have 3 days to either pay the rent, face eviction or move out. The majority of the time a threat of such magnitude forces the tenants into action and consequently paying the overdue rent, as well as serving as a reminder not to pay late again! If your tenants are unfortunate enough not to have paid what they owe within the specified time frame the landlord has the option to file an eviction complaint with the court, which ultimately results in the eviction of the tenants.

15 Day notice to evict / 15 day notice to vacate Florida

The 15 day eviction notice / 15 day notice to vacate is basically for any other reason except non-payment, which as above relates to the 3 day notice. You may have a specific reason that led to you serving tenants with a 15 day notice or you may not, as in the end it doesn't make a difference, the outcome is the same. As long as you’re not acting in what would be considered as a retaliatory or discriminatory fashion you can serve notice, a word of warning though, acting in a manner as described is deemed illegal and renders the notice void.

Although generally referred to as the 15 day eviction notice there are actually two different time-scales that apply to different sets circumstances, these are of course the 15 day and the 7 day. The definitive factor in determining which time-scale applies to your tenants is relative to how they pay you, if they are paying rent weekly a period of 7 days applies whereas if they are paying monthly a period of 15 days is applicable. It important to remember that the 7 or 15 days’ notice is given 15 or 7 days prior to the end of any weekly or monthly period, for example if your tenant pay on the 20th of each month the cut off day for giving notice would be the 4th of the month, likewise with the 7 day notice, it will need to be issued on the payment date.

If you are looking to evict tenants, whatever the reason may be, it’s of critical importance that one of these two notices are submitted to the tenant, you cannot proceed without it!

Our Eviction notice preparation service

Serving an eviction notice is not the simplest of matters, for one the paperwork must all be in order, remember this is a legal document and must be treated as such, this means everything presented needs to correct, worded in a precise manner and of course legally binding. When you’re filling out the paperwork there really is no margin for error, not only will any changes or amendments need re-approved via the courthouse causing a delay and wasting time, but as a result of the delay a loss of earnings – as a landlord time is money!

Here at Florida Landlord Eviction Service LLC, we understand that eviction is not an easy time for tenants or landlords, particularly the initial notice period, after all we have been in the business long enough to appreciate the stresses and strains of eviction. Rest assured that through using our eviction service you will be dealing with fully competent and experienced professionals, with a wealth of knowledge built up over many years in the industry. We pride ourselves on our ability to handle any situation no matter how tenuous or stressful it has become and all with a high level of customer care.

Our free notice forms are available as downloads and constitute a legally binding eviction form, simply fill in the blanks where underlined and deliver to your tenant. There are three ways in which serve an eviction notice to a tenant, the most obvious being in person – although this isn't to everyone’s taste. Alternatively you can attach it (very well!) to the front door or deliver via post. Posting raises its own issues but sometimes it’s the only option, to avoid loss or damage always use a signed for next day service (if not next day take into account how long it will take and factor into the notice period.) You’re of course welcome to take us up on our offer, with our eviction notice delivery service we will deliver, for guaranteed results.

Serving an eviction notice is only the start of the process, dependent on a number of factors such as long court lead times or the tenants mounting a defense, it can get messy and time consuming. Unless you’re willing to take on the expense of hiring an attorney to act on your behalf, as the landlord of the property you will need to be present at the court proceeding.

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